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Gees light always there, always in comfort.

Gees light produces all types of indoor lamps, which are frequently used on the market today. Such as crystal downlight, crystal spotlight, iron spotlight, zinc alloy spotlight, aluminium alloy spotlight, resin spotlight, ceramic spotlight, gypsum spotlight and so on.

The principle of Gees light is to make the lights to be used conveniently for work and for life. Wherever in the office and at home, in the process of cooking in the kitchen, in the front of the closet and the mirror behind a desk or in a narrow corridor, Gees Light always bring you in a bright and comfortable condition. Also you can select a color temperature design and functionality that is available.

1. Aluminium alloy lamp 

 It’s made of aluminium alloy. Which is popular for its simple design, mini overall size, ultra light and shining appearance but at reasonable prices. Normally in round shape and with sandy silver, shining silver, black or gold color. Meanwhile it’s suitable for both MR16 Halogen and led bulb.

2. Iron lamp



It’s made of iron material. Which is frequently used in the daily life for its simple design, ultra light, good quality but at economic prices. And it makes your home and office bright and clean, not need too much decoration.

3. Crystal lamp

crystal lamps look fashion and excellent on appearance as well as good performance in functionality. At present, there are 3 kinds: crystal panel lamp, crystal beads lamp and crystal downlight. A lot of colors and shapes for choice. Lamp cup available in MR16, MR11 and lamp socket in GU5.3, GU10, G9, G4. And widely used in ceiling and wall decoration of porch, corridor, living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, meeting room, showroom, hall, movie theater, exhibition and so on.

4. Zinc alloy lamp

It’s made of zinc alloy, a kind of strong solid metal, with various design and classic appearance. Which are widely used in architectural and home decoration. Adjusting the beam angle at will, the performance of this lamp not only bring you brightness and comfort, but also makes you in an antique upper atmosphere.

5. Resin lamp 

It’s made of resin, glass and aluminium base. Which is a kind of New fashion, with various showy color but at cheap price. Normally, it’s in MR16 lamp cup, using GU5.3 or GU10 socket. And more than 40 colors for choice.  

6. Gypsum and Cerami lamp 



It’s made of plaster and metal base. It looks classic, artistic, antique. And the appearance with vivid pattern bring you in an upper and luxury European building style. Of course, many shapes and color for choice. Currently, it’s with MR16 lamp cup and GU5.3, GU10 socket. Tolerance Voltage, DC12V/ AC220-240V. 

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